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You’ll need Adobe Acrobat to open/print the forms. If you don’t already have Adobe Acrobat, click here to download it for free.

For Everyone:
Administrative Policies

For Individuals (and Group Members):
Individual Intake Form

For Couples: 
Couple & Family Intake Form

For Hypnosis/Hypnotherapy:
Hypnosis Informed Consent Form

Optional Questionnaire:*
Attachment Styles and Close Relationships
*The questionnaire is a free online attachment assessment tool that is not affiliated with Vondie Lozano, Ph.D., LMFT. Therefore your confidentiality is not guaranteed. If you would like to complete it and print your results it would be helfpul in assessing your attachment style. However, it is not required as a part of your treament. It is voluntary and entirely up to you.