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Ventura therapists helps you have good love

You Can Have Good Love
Sometimes you just need a little help

You Can Have Good Love

Sometimes you just need a little help








You Can Have Good Love

Counseling can help

Love doesn’t have to be so hard…  

Therapy can help you understand:

  • Your relationship patterns
  • Your personality style
  • How men and women really are different

Then you can heal whatever is keeping you from having the good loving relationship you really want. 

Vondie Lozano, Ph.D., LMFT
Ventura Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist
Former Psychology Professor

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  • Are you having trouble communicating?
  • Do you fight about the same things over and over?
  • Are things getting worse instead of better?


  • Is it hard to find someone you really want, who really wants you? 
  • Or do you feel like people always want more than you have to give? 
  • Do you wonder if you’ll ever find love?

I've been there...

My family did the best they could, but things were pretty bad growing up. I didn’t get to see what a good relationship looks like. So I had no idea how to find one. My first marriage was a DISASTER.

But, I got help. I’m so grateful to be in a good marriage today. My husband and I have been together almost 20 years. And it just keeps getting better.

And my favorite part about being a therapist is helping you have a good loving relationship too.

Because when you really understand what’s happening, you can break those old patterns and heal yourself and your relationship. Then you can experience the kind of love you really want and deserve. 

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Vondie Lozano, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist - Finding Mr. Right

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If you’d like to have a good, loving relationship, I’d love to hear from you – Vondie

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